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Eugene’s Home for Adorable Pug Puppies

Embracing the Pug Life in Eugene, Oregon

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Welcome to Pug Place Puppies, home of the most adorable pug puppies in Eugene, Oregon. We are a family-owned business that cherishes the unique charm and companionship that pug puppies bring into our lives. Each pug at Pug Place Puppies is raised with love, care, and the utmost attention to health and well-being.

Our journey with these delightful, affectionate creatures is fueled by our passion for the breed and our commitment to responsible and ethical breeding practices.


Pug Love and light from our Portland, Oregon grumble!

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Dedicated to the Health and Happiness of Pugs

At Pug Place Puppies, our breeding philosophy centers on health, happiness, and upholding the highest standards of the pug breed. We believe that responsible breeding practices are key to delivering healthy, well-adjusted puppies to our Eugene community.

Our adult pugs undergo rigorous health checks and genetic testing to ensure we are breeding for the best qualities in the breed. The welfare of our pugs is paramount, and this is reflected in the joyful, sociable nature of our puppies.

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Discover Your New Best Friend

We are excited to introduce you to our current litter of pug puppies at Pug Place Puppies. Each puppy has its own unique character and charm, waiting to find a loving forever home. On our website, you’ll find detailed profiles of each available puppy, including their photos, health information, and distinctive traits.

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