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About Pugs Place

Story of my Grumble

Welcome to Pug Place! Did y’all know a group of 3 or more Pugs is called a grumble!?? And we here at Pug Place have the ultimate Grumble, including a white pug, a chocolate pug, a few silver pugs and even a little reverse brindle pug(of course we have the original black and fawn pugs too)! We’re a family from Keizer Oregon who is just CRAZY about Pugs! Our pug story begins with a fawn boy named Wilson and his brother Jerry. All in all, pugs are our life and have changed it for the better in so many ways. If you’re looking to add a perfect little bundle of joy with a curly tail to your family(or Grumble), you’ve come to the right place! PugLove and light from our Oregon Grumble! (God Bless!)


Pug Love and light from our Oregon grumble!

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From 2006 on, this house has always had a pug, and as we began to notice, people from all over stopped by our fence or front door to inquire about where we purchased them.  We know we are absolutely beyond blessed, and as all the human beds are full, it’s now our turn to spread the Pug Love to other families! So far, we’ve housed over 45 pups, and we have some that have traveled far to be home with their perfect family. Chance lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Roscoe live in Fairbanks, Alaska! Baxter is in Arizona and Pickles is in Northern Idaho almost to Canada we have pups and will travel! However, lots of families have chosen to meet us at Portland International Airport and then the pups fly, in-cabin, in an airline-approved take-off carrier under the seat for take off and landing, and right in your lap or arms for the rest of the journey. Watching the joy on people’s faces, and getting all the pictures and videos and visits truly makes it all worth it.

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