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Pug Place Salem

Welcome to Pug Place! Did y’all know a group of 3 or more Pugs is called a grumble? We here at Pug Place have the ultimate grumble, including a white pug, a chocolate pug, a few silver pugs and even a little reverse brindle pug. We have original black and fawn pugs too! We’re a family from Keizer Oregon who is just CRAZY about Pugs! 

Happy Homes For Pugs Since 2007

We’ve been providing happy homes with new pug best friends since 2007. We love sharing the love of pugs with new families and friends.

Happy, Healthy Baby Pugs!

Our baby pugs get regular vet visits and are raised in a happy loving home. We have some very excited pug puppies to share with you.

“…We are so in love with our new baby girl. We are SO happy with baby Penny. Thank you for everything Pug Place!…”

Jane A.

“…Family friendly environment with so many cute baby pugs. Great place just looking to share Pug Love! Very kind people and adorable puppies…”

Steven B.

Pugs Place Puppies

All puppies come vet checked, with first immunizations and vaccination certificate. We believe PUG LOVE is life-changing and we want to help others get that in their lives. Please send me a message and tell me a little about your family,  what kind of puppies you’re looking for and let me know if you have any pug experience or if you’re new to the breed!

Pug love and light from our Oregon grumble!!

Happy Homes

Oregon Pug Puppy facilitator that has been providing puppies since 2007 to happy homes.

Loving Home

Our pug puppies raised in a happy home with regular vet visits to make sure our pugs are happy and healthy.

Happy Puppies

Our Puppies can’t wait to meet you! Happy puppies full of energy looking for their new forever home, Contact us today!

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Phone: (503) 801-9051

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Contact Us

Phone: (503) 801-9051

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